About Us

A large percentage of amputees throughout the Southwestern United States are forced to live without the assistance of a prosthetic limb, often because they are under-insured or lack the financial means to acquire prosthetic care. In many cases, Medicaid does not pay for quality prosthetic limbs, so many amputees lack the assistance they need to maintain an active, fulfilling lifestyle. Centrally located in Phoenix, AZ, Life of Motion is a nonprofit organization that wants to help amputees bridge the financial gap and secure the healthcare they deserve.

At Life of Motion, we believe that everybody who would benefit from prosthesis should have access to it. That’s why we’ve developed an extensive network of doctors and healthcare professionals to assist amputees and other patients in raising money and utilizing nonprofit donations to achieve prosthetic care. Life of Motion takes a collaborative approach to fundraising and the collection of monetary donations of any size from individuals, businesses, and corporations throughout the country. These donations will directly improve the life of amputees throughout the greater state of Arizona and beyond, and help restore independence, dignity, and self-worth to those who would normally have no other alternative for obtaining prosthesis.

If you have any questions about our nonprofit organization or if you’re ready to make a donation, we invite you to visit our donate page or call us at 480-228-2191 today.